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Sunday, April 26, 2015
ISSUE #831
Weekly Comments: Can she say nothing for 18 months?

I read in the New York Times that Russia hacked into some of President Obama’s emails. That’s not good. But it gives a sliver of hope to the Congressmen investigating Secretary Clinton’s emails that she deleted: maybe Putin has ‘em.

Democrats are predicting that Mrs. Clinton will raise $2.5 Billion for her campaign for president.  Actually they only need to raise half that much because it can be matched 50-50 by money collected by the Clinton Foundation.

A new book shook up the Clinton campaign. She has said nothing herself about the content of the book. That’s no surprise because since announcing for President she has said nothing about anything. She thinks it’ll blow over and nobody will remember it except a few Republicans.  Democrats figure if she says nothing till November 2016, she’s in.

Meanwhile the Koch Brothers are trying to decide which Republican candidate to support with a $1 Billion donation.  One of the potential candidates, Donald Trump, responded, “Is that all?”  Mr. Trump is ready to put in $2 Billion, but only if the candidate is named Trump.

With all this talk of billions for politics, there’s one group of folks that could use a modest donation: the newscasters and commentators that work for MSNBC. They have spent so much time on television insisting the wealthy should pay a bigger share in income taxes that they forgot to pay their own. Al Sharpton is the leader of the scofflaws, being $4 million in arrears. Three or four others owe thousands.  Don’t count on the Koch Brothers to bail them out, but Clinton might.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

“The short memories of American voters is what keeps our politicians in office.” DT #1154, April 7, 1930


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