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Monday, July 10, 2017
ISSUE #875
Weekly Comments: Common Sense, Black Lives, and Honesty

This was a bad week for America. Two men were shot and killed in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis. Instead of waiting for a trial, Black Lives Matter folks immediately organized protests, and not just in those two cities. One in Dallas ended with five dead cops and seven injured.

Of course it was not the peaceful protesters who fired the shots; it was a lone gunman who was determined to kill white police officers.

So, did the leaders of the Black Lives Matter groups decide to stop protesting because of the dead policemen? No, they were back in force, and in Minneapolis the result was 30 injured police. In that case, the police, who were there to protect these peaceful protesters, were hit by glass bottles, rocks and pieces of concrete which were thrown by the “peaceful” protesters.

I won’t pretend to know what it is like to be black. I’m just an old white guy. But I do know what it is like to have common sense. And the leaders of these protests do not have it. They are instigating their followers to be more like a vigilante mob than civic-minded protesters. They are protesting against the cops who are there to protect them and their communities 24 hours a day.

The gunman in Dallas was eventually killed by a robot with a bomb attached. First time ever. I suggest that police who are assigned to clear protesters off highways, like I-94 in Minnesota, be given these robots. Let the remote-controlled robots move toward the crowd and order them to disperse.

It was a bad week for the Democrat nominee for President. At the conclusion of the FBI criminal investigation of the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was deemed to be extremely careless and grossly negligent for having over one hundred top secret classified messages on her personal, unprotected email server. After siting a few cases of Clinton lying, the FBI Director then let her off the hook by saying she did not intend to be criminally negligent and therefore should not be indicted. That was good news for Clinton as she flew immediately flew on Air Force One to give a campaign speech with President Obama who introduced her glowingly as “The most qualified person to ever run for President.” We now know what qualifications Obama most admires in a President.

Hillary Clinton is an intelligent woman. The FBI Director essentially announced, “She is not guilty by reason of temporary stupidity.”

At the first Presidential debate in September, I hope the moderator asks this question: When will you stop lying to the American public? And how will we know? Ask that of both Trump and Clinton.

In 1924, the Democrat candidate for President ran on the slogan “Honesty.” Not likely for either candidate in 2016.

In economic news, we added 287,000 new jobs in June, which kinda made up for very low number for April and May. But we still have near record high numbers of adults not working. Some are retired, but many young ones are on welfare. Meanwhile, farmers are desperate for workers to harvest fruit and vegetable crops this summer.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers (One-quarter Cherokee):

“There is a good deal in the papers about giving my native state of Oklahoma back to the Indians. Now I am Cherokee Indian and very proud of it, but I doubt if you can get them to accept it — not in its present state.” WA #59, Jan. 27, 1924

(In school) “It was all Indian kids that went, and I, being part Cherokee, had enough white in me to make my honesty questionable.” WA #353, Sept. 29, 1929


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