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Sunday, July 3, 2016
ISSUE #874
Weekly Comments: FBI investigations, encounters and equality

In election news, we finally got to the last and most critical primary for Hillary Clinton. The FBI Primary, which had been delayed for weeks, was held early Saturday morning, of a 3-day holiday weekend. Attorney General Loretta Lynch will be the vote counter, and a few days ago Bill Clinton tried to stuff the ballot box.

Secretary Clinton said she was glad to meet with the FBI voluntarily to conclude the security review. Yes, it was voluntary all right; either volunteer, or forget about ever becoming President. And it is not a security review. It is a criminal investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Like anyone accused of criminal activity, she was interrogated. Now, she may be completely innocent; we have to wait for the verdict from FBI Director Comey.

Bill Clinton’s rendezvous with the Attorney General was at the Phoenix airport. He had his plane wait on the tarmac until her government plane landed, then, after she kicked everyone off her plane, he hopped on. Now, any time Bill Clinton arranges to spend 30 minutes with a female in private, we suspect hanky-panky. But this time it was legal hanky-panky. The meeting was described as a “chance encounter.”  From now on, chance encounter will be defined as when individuals in two private planes meet secretly at a busy airport, such as for a major drug purchase, or a meeting of two lawyers who are ethically prohibited from communicating with each other.

If you see Secretary Clinton campaigning in North Carolina this week, and President Obama happens to appear with her, remember it’s just a chance encounter.

Meanwhile Donald Trump has had a few encounters, not by chance, with potential V-P running mates. Newt Gingrich, Chris Christy and Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana are included. I heard a commentator today suggest that Ohio Governor John Kasich would be the perfect running mate. Only problem is Kasich doesn’t like Trump. But on the other hand that makes him ideal to attract the millions of voters who also don’t like Trump.

The economy and job growth are hot issues. The top income earners are doing quite well, while the rest of us are kinda wondering when the Great Recession will end. Democrats want to make incomes more equal by raising tax rates. But the top ten percent already pay over seventy percent of income taxes. When you ask how much they should pay, no one will state a number. See, if they said those top earners should pay eighty percent or eighty-five percent of the total, then the other ninety percent of us feel guilty because we’re not pulling our weight. Republicans are against raising the minimum wage to $15. They claim most people now earning $8 or $9 per hour would not get $15, they would get zero because their job would be eliminated.

Great Britain voted to leave the European Union even though Prime Minister David Cameron and all the other top leaders in London (plus President Obama) wanted Britain to stay. Because of the defeat, Cameron and a few others felt compelled to resign. Will Rogers likes that about the Brits and added, “Imagine what would have happened if such a procedure had been in effect over here.” (1930)

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

 “From the record of all our previous investigations it just looks like nobody can emerge with their nose entirely clean. I don’t care who you are, you just can’t reach middle life without having done and said a whole lot of foolish things.” DT #2620, Dec. 28, 1934

“Well, this is the Fourth of July and my kids [are] popping these giant crackers. This is Calvin Coolidge’s and Georgie Cohan’s birthday. Georgie writes his country’s songs and Calvin writes its speeches.” DT #296, July 4, 1927


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