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Sunday, October 15, 2023
ISSUE #1178
Weekly Comments: Harvard Likes Hamas. Israel Vows to Eradicate Hamas. Congressional Republicans Remain Discombobulated

The Iran-backed barbaric attack by Hamas terrorists on Israel last Saturday has sparked demonstrations on college campuses supporting the terrorists. It is shameful. Well-educated, bright college students at Harvard and other elite universities are pro-Hamas, meaning they want to eliminate all Jews. Equally shameful are professors and administrators who are pro-Hamas or refuse to condemn the demonstrators.

This hatred makes it rough on their fellow students who are Jewish. Why do their classmates want them dead?

Now, you may object, saying these demonstrators are merely supporting poor Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. These Palestinians voted for Hamas in 2006 and Hamas terrorists have taken dictatorial control ever since.

Did you know that in 1932-33 Germany voters gave the Nazi Party control? Their leader was Adolph Hitler. As we know now, Hamas has the same goal as Hitler and the Nazis: Kill all the Jews in the world. The Allies defeated Hitler; can Israel eradicate Hamas?

You may be surprised to learn that of the 9 million people living in Israel, 20% are Palestinian. Yes, they seem to enjoy living with their Jewish neighbors, and the 5% of Israelis who are Christian. Of the 9 million, around 300,000 are American.

About 2 million Palestinians live in the Gaza Strip. By the time the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) reaches its goal of killing every Hamas terrorist, how many will be left? And can they continue to live in a land where most of the structures will have been destroyed?

You may be wondering, why don’t the Palestinians move to Arab countries in the Middle East? The fact is that none of those countries want them. Not Egypt. Not Saudi Arabia. Not Jordan. Nobody wants 2 or 3 million of them.

Meanwhile in Washington, the Republican majority in the House is in disarray. They have reversed a well-known Will Rogers quote. Now it’s, “I’m not a member of any organized political party… I’m a Republican.” Congressman Matt Goetz is the main disorganizer, somehow convincing 5% of his Republican colleagues to overrule the other 95%. First, they kicked Kevin McCarthy of California out of the Speaker chair because he did not force a government shutdown September 30. Next, they derailed the bid by Steve Scalise of Louisiana to replace him. Jim Jordan of Ohio is now in Goetz’s crosshairs.

Maybe a Republican should nominate Goetz for Speaker and see how many votes he gets. Probably less than 10 Republicans would support him.

The Democratic minority, all 100% of ‘em, is enjoying the discombobulated Republicans. They even offered to loan their own leader, Hakeem Jeffries, to be the Speaker. Considering the chaos, Jeffries would likely get more Republican votes than Goetz.

Now, many Republicans agree with the goals of Goetz to cut government spending and eliminate a couple of Cabinet Departments. But they realize it can’t be done while Democrats control the Senate and the Presidency.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“I thought they had the Jerusalem and Palestine thing pretty well settled as to who’s it was. But it seems the Arabs have broke out again…You can’t lick those Arabs with mass meetings and passing resolutions…Instead of going to that Wailing Wall with just some wails, why, take a gun. That would break ’em from interrupting prayer meetings.” DT #966, Aug. 30, 1929 (Note: 249 were killed and 571 injured)

“Don’t blame all the things that have happened to us lately on the Republicans – they are not smart enough to have thought ‘em up.” Notes, undated


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