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Monday, February 5, 2007
ISSUE #442
Weekly Comments: Indianapolis Colts get hot, Midwest goes cold

#442, February 5, 2007

COLUMBUS: Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts showed they could play in the rain. The Chicago Bears were hoping the rain would turn to snow, but being Miami, it just kept on raining. This Super Bowl will be remembered because it matched two great coaches. You may say, they aren’t great yet, and you’re right. But give them ten or twenty years and they will be. They are great men who lead by setting a good example. Coach Jim Tressel, who I’ve talked about before, is another one. They don’t always win, but they are always winners.

A peculiar scourge is following me around this winter; it snows everywhere I go. Except here in Columbus, Ohio. First it was Missouri in early December, then Des Moines in early January, West Virginia last weekend, and the northwest corner of Ohio today. Just to warn you folks in Oklahoma, I’ll be in Vinita February 15, so don’t put away your snow shovels. Oklahoma has had as much ice and snow as North Dakota. It don’t matter if a groundhog in Pennsylvania or a prairie dog in New Mexico peeked out of his hole and saw a shadow or the barrel of a 12-gauge, this winter has a mind of its own. It could last 6 more weeks, but it might only be 6 days, or go on for 6 months.

We may not have any snow to speak of in Columbus, but we are cold. Have you noticed, when it’s below zero some wise guy always brings up Global Warming. Not as many doubt it as once did, but Americans still hesitate to try and fix it till China and India and these other big nations join in. Without every country pulling together we’ve got as much chance of fixing Global Warming as we do fixing Iraq.

Now, history shows our planet has had warm spells before, and cold ones, too. These cycles seem to come around every few hundred years, and there ain’t anything men and women, or even dinosaurs, can do about it. It’s pretty much up to the Lord, and whether it takes a hundred years or a thousand years to warm up again don’t matter as much to Him as it does to us. And if you know it is going to get either warmer or colder, I bet most of you would vote for warmer.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“I see where the Weather Bureau predicts more Snow for the Northwest. Good joke on the Weather Bureau. They can’t have any more. They haven’t got any place to put it.” WA #11, Feb. 25, 1923



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