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Sunday, February 11, 2024
ISSUE #1193
Weekly Comments: Kansas City Chiefs are Super. President Biden was Not.

In the Super Bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in Overtime, 25-22. It was a battle of great defenses and field goals (7 total, with 3 from more than 50 years). Patrick Mahomes won it with a touchdown pass after the 49ers had kicked a field goal.

Probably, the best-known and most popular fan at the game was Taylor Swift who was there to watch her boyfriend, Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce. A poll had asked, “What is your #1 reason for watching the Super Bowl?” The results:
A. See the 49ers play the Chiefs — 102,000,000 viewers
B. Watch the commercials and half-time show — 85,700,000
C.  Catch brief glimpses of Taylor Swift — 198,900,000.

Ok, I made up the poll. No doubt, there were millions of Swifties watching, and they caught the meaning of the number above.

CBS had a show this week about the most popular commercials during Super Bowl games. I only saw the end of it. The top two ranked commercials were for a beer and a soft drink. Nothing against those, but I think the all-time best commercial was for a farmer. Yes, you remember it. Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer,” sponsored by Dodge Ram in 2013. There were plenty of creative commercials tonight, but that is still #1.

I decided last week that I have joked about President Biden enough and I’ll leave him alone for a while. I had good intentions, but he had a rough week.

A bombshell report came out about the top secret classified documents Joe Biden had taken willfully (and illegally) during his many years as a Senator, from 1973-2009, then as Vice-President from 2009-2017. Photos showed old cardboard boxes strewn about his cluttered garage where there was barely room left for his antique Corvette. These are documents that only one person in the whole world has the right to remove from the secure location in the Capitol, and that is the President at the time. Not a Senator, not a V-P, or any other official.

But even that damning evidence got overshadowed by a decision by Department of Justice investigator, Robert Hur. President Biden will not be indicted to stand trial because he is a “sympathetic, elderly man with a poor memory,” and jurors would feel sorry for him.

Now I don’t know about you, but if I was accused today of robbing a bank twenty years ago, I would prefer to have the prosecutor indict me instead of announcing that I’m too deteriorated mentally to stand trial. And to be fair, there are thousands of us old men with a poor memory, but we’re not wanting to run a country for five more years.

After the Attorney General released Robert Hur’s report, President Biden felt compelled to hold a televised news conference to rebut the accusations of his mental decline. Unfortunately, in his comments and responses to questions he mixed up Mexico and Egypt and forgot the name of a Catholic church. He talked about his role in getting food into Gaza while criticizing Israel’s attempt to eliminate Hamas as “over the top.” And he did not mention the 1200 people that Hamas terrorists slaughtered in Israel on October 7, or the ~130 hostages they still hold.

This time, I promise. No mention of President Biden next week. Barring another calamity.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

“I used to play me a pretty good end, that is a substitute end [at Kemper Military Academy]. I played what you might call a ‘Wide End.’ I would play out so far that the other 21 would be pretty well piled up before I could possibly reach ’em.” WA #627, Dec. 30, 1934


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