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Sunday, March 24, 2019
ISSUE #966
Weekly Comments: March Madness and Mueller and Russia

Smack in the middle of the basketball March Madness tournament, Robert Mueller turned in his report. He said there was no collusion between Trump and Russia, and no one else will be indicted. Of course President Trump is happy for himself and his family.

Hearing that no one else will be indicted for Russian connections should also be relief to the other candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Jay Leno said a few days ago that comedy should be balanced. The late night hosts on TV now are so one-sided they are funny to only half the potential audience.

Do you know what is even worse than one-sided comedy on TV? One-sided journalism. In a recent poll, 40 percent of Americans believed Trump was guilty of colluding with Russia to win the 2016 election. While quite a few of those folks got that idea originally from political opponents, we can blame the mass media, especially CNN, MSNBC and some major newspapers, for pushing that story every day and every night. Until hours before Mueller ended the $30 million investigation, TV commentators were comparing Trump to Nixon (Watergate) and Benedict Arnold.

I had suggested Mueller turn in a simple one-page report. But apparently he submitted thousands of pages, which forced the Attorney General and a couple of assistants to quickly read the whole thing, and summarize it in four pages. Now a whole slew of Democrats who spent two years praising and defending Mueller are doubting the report. They even want Mueller to testify to Congress, under oath, that he believes what he wrote in the full report.

And several Democrats running for president claim the Attorney General is lying in the summary. Well, Mr. Mueller was in Washington all day, and if he saw any errors in the summary he would have called CNN or other network and pointed out those errors.

Will Russia, led by Mr. Putin, try to influence the 2020 election? Yes, Russia has tried to influence elections here and in other countries for at least 50 years. Who would Putin favor? My guess is Bernie Sanders. But Putin would likely be thrilled with any of the candidates who favor the Green New Deal. Just imagine the economic boom in his oil and gas business if we shut down our fossil fuel production and the industry it supports.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“There has been more said and written about Russia than there has been about Honesty in Politics and Farmers’ Relief, and there has been just as little done about either of those two.” Letters of a Self-Made Diplomat to his President, Nov. 6, 1926

“If I wanted to start an insane asylum that would be 100 percent cuckoo, I would just admit applicants that thought they knew something about Russia.” DT #1291, Sept. 14, 1930


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