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Sunday, October 6, 2013
ISSUE #774
Weekly Comments: Milking cows more essential than parts of government

#774 Oct. 6, 2013

COLUMBUS: The Federal government has partially shut down. Has it affected you?

You had better say “YES!” If you don’t, the President will find a few other things to close. The World War II Memorial, which like the Vietnam War Memorial, the Korean War Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial, is open air with no gates, no doors, and no way of closing. But they installed temporary barriers anyway.

They shut down Mount Rushmore, but people could still see it from a nearby road. So they blocked off part of that road. I guess if you want to see it, you have to rent a helicopter.

Did you know the beautiful state of Utah is almost three-quarter owned by the federal government? To keep us from seeing it, they may block every entrance to the state.

Hope no one in Washington remembers the Interstate Highway System is 90 percent Federal. Blocking those roads would sure get our attention.

Good thing all the farmers haven’t shut down. If they stopped milking the cows and feeding the pigs and chickens for a day it would cause more havoc than any shutdown Obama can dream up.

It’s not all the Democrats fault. The conservative Republicans insist on reduced spending whether it’s for health insurance, food stamps or federal salaries. They want to shut down part of the government, just not the part Democrats are willing to let go.

How about this idea. Invite President Obama and his Cabinet to the Capitol for a joint session of Congress, kinda like they do for the State of the Union speech. Then block all the exits. Don’t let anybody out until they agree on something.

Once they get this government shutdown behind them, they’ve got the debt ceiling to argue over. President Obama figures he needs to borrow an extra Trillion dollars to get through the next election, and if he don’t get it by next week, the Treasury Secretary will stop our interest payments to China. Oddly, there’s plenty of revenue coming in to pay the interest, and there’s no need to default and cause panic on Wall Street. But the President has seen his middle class folks living in pain the last five years, and he wants the big stockholders to suffer along with ‘em. The President of any business that’s pinched for cash would prioritize where to spend, and where to delay payment. But not this President. His priority is to inflict as much pain as possible… on Republicans.

Too bad the scare from Washington isn’t just an early Halloween prank.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“The Government never has been accused of being a business man.” WA #158, Dec. 20, 1925

“Prosperity this Winter is going to be enjoyed by everybody that is fortunate enough to get into the poor farm.” DT #1031, Nov. 14, 1929


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