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Sunday, February 15, 2015
ISSUE #824
Weekly Comments: More random acts of violence

Islamic terrorists slaughtered a few more people this week. In Denmark a young hoodlum shot up a gathering of “free speech” cartoonists and then went to a synagogue and shot a few more.

Not to be overshadowed by a lone Islamic gunman in Europe, ISIS in Libya beheaded 21 Christians at Tripoli and threw their bodies into the Mediterranean. We’re still waiting for reaction from the White House on these “random acts of violence.”  Perhaps someone in Washington will show President Obama a report on how President Thomas Jefferson reacted two centuries ago when Islamic terrorists were pirating cargo ships in the Mediterranean Sea.

Last week Susan Rice, the self-appointed Secretary of Defense, declared that ISIS is not a threat like the Nazis and the Japanese were before World War II. She may be right, but she is really just hoping they wait two more years to attack us; then a different president will get blamed.

Europe is more concerned about Islamic terrorists than they are about Russia taking over Ukraine. Europe needs to be reminded that Ukraine has almost 20 percent of the best farmland in the world.  And most of that land is in the eastern Ukraine where it is most vulnerable to Putin’s army. Yes, Europe depends on Putin for natural gas, but if he takes over eastern Ukraine, they will be more dependent on Putin for their food also.

The 2016 Democrat Convention is going to Philadelphia, not Columbus.  Democrats held an auction and Philadelphia bid $90 million and one Liberty Bell. Columbus could only come up with $85 million and a national championship football for every delegate.  A few months ago Cleveland agreed to finance the Republican convention. Since I’m in Columbus I’ll stay in Ohio and corral the Republicans, and turn the Democrats over to Ben Franklin. The way things look today for the Democrats, they could conduct their convention by postcard.

On the other hand Republicans have a slew of Presidential contenders to choose from. I have no idea who will win the nomination, but the way things are looking in Washington here’s the slogan he or she will use: “It’s time for a Leader; I’m a Leader for the times. Vote for ______ in 2016.”

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

            “The (Republican) Convention opened with a prayer, a very fervent prayer. If the Lord can see his way clear to bless the Republican Party, the way it’s been carrying on, the rest of us ought to get it without even asking for it.” Convention Articles, June 12, 1928


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