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Sunday, February 25, 2024
ISSUE #1195
Weekly Comments: Open Border Crime. An Intriguing Presidential Race Idea.

A young woman, Laken Riley, was murdered in Athens, Georgia by an illegal immigrant. She is just the latest victim of a continuing slew of crimes by young males who should never have been allowed across our border. The Venezuelan accused of murdering her had been arrested previously in New York but instead of being jailed or deported he was set free.

Don’t blame the Border Patrol. They catch about a thousand known criminals a month. But they are overwhelmed by the vast numbers the Mexican cartels send to the border. This has allowed many thousands with criminal records in their home country to avoid capture. They are roaming free across the country. Also, include all the Americans killed by fentanyl from China and victims of robberies and other crimes committed by foreign gang members.

Illegal immigration is ten times worse in the last 3 years. Don’t let anyone tell you that only “comprehensive” immigration reform passed by Congress can stop it. President Biden could halt 90% of illegal border crossings tomorrow with an Executive Order and a few phone calls.

A longtime friend sent me a message last week with an intriguing “thought experiment.”  We often disagree on politics but since he is ten times wiser than I am, I always listen to him. Suppose former President Trump is convicted in one of the four trials and forced to drop out. And Biden is pressured to drop out and let Kamala Harris become the candidate for President.

Here is my friend’s suggestion, “The Republicans would put up a ticket of Nikki Haley and Liz Cheney. And Kamala Harris would pick Amy Klobuchar as her running mate.” Yes, four women. Both candidates for President have immigrant parents.

Well, let’s have some fun with this. Nikki gets her wish to debate Kamala. Should be fierce disagreement on illegal immigration. They might agree on aid for Ukraine, but not for Israel. The V-P debates would be boring. Every time Amy said something against Trump and most Republicans, Liz would agree with her.

So, how would the 2024 election turn out? Let me go back to 2020 for a moment. Since Joe Biden was committed to selecting a female V-P, Senator Klobuchar would have been a better choice than Senator Harris. That said, I think the Harris-Klobuchar pair would win. Haley-Cheney would get the fewest Republican votes in any Presidential race in 30 years because Trump supporters would stay home. Both the House and Senate would have a Democrat majority.

Now, don’t take any of this serious. This may sound far-fetched but don’t bet against the idea of having four well-qualified women in these roles within 12 to 20 years.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

       “Women promised us that if they had the vote, they’d clean up politics.   They did; they got in and cleaned up more than the men did. They admit themselves that about all they have added to the whole voting and political thing is just more votes or more bookkeeping. But it ain’t the women’s fault. Politics is bigger than any race and it’s bigger than any sex.” Radio, June 2, 1935


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