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Sunday, January 19, 2014
ISSUE #787
Weekly Comments: Promises, promises, but no water

California is always bragging about the wonderful weather. While the Midwest is freezing cold and snowy, California is warm and sunny. Why I bet you’ve never once seen an advertisement for California where it was raining. And any snow in the picture is way up on a mountaintop in the distance.
Well, here lately California has been wishing they had some rain. Californians sunbathing on the beach look up at the mountains and all they see is bare ground where it’s supposed to be snow capped.
Governor Brown is asking everyone to cut back on their water use by 20 percent. Californians don’t like to cut back on anything, especially water. They might be willing to replace 20 percent of their drinking water with fine wine, but filling the pool or watering the grass, it’s got to be the real thing. Like city folks back East that don’t know where their food comes from, Californians know nothing about the source of their water. They never see water in its raw, unrefined condition. “You mean the water coming out of the spigot used to be rain? Wow!”
President Obama announced he will set up something called “Promise Zones” in five states. That’s all we need is more promises from Washington. We were promised lower deficits, Al-Qaida is on the run, the Benghazi attack was a local demonstration, the end of the recession is near, and you can keep your doctor. Years ago, we were promised that Medicare would cost less than a million dollars a year and Detroit is a city on the rise. How are all those promises working out for you?
In the National Football League, Denver will play Seattle in the Super Bowl. It’s to be played in New Jersey, outdoors, in February. Instead, they should let these two teams from out West go down to Los Angeles and play the game in the Rose Bowl. If it happened to rain, or even snow, during the game, Californians would be thrilled.
Historic quotes by Will Rogers:
“They have been hunting water in the West much longer than they have gold. If a wonderful spring come out of a mountainside, men left gold, silver and copper mines to come and grab that spring. Water ain’t gold in the West, water is diamonds and platinum.” 
WA #562, Oct. 1, 1933
    “The government is doing what they can to help ‘em out (with the drought), but even a Democrat can’t make it rain.” DT #2476, July 10, 1934


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