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Sunday, August 14, 2016
ISSUE #879
Weekly Comments: Trump and Clinton ignore advice from Will Rogers

Last week I offered free advice to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and naturally they ignored it. Trump won’t even take advice from his trusted advisors, let alone a competitor.

Instead for zeroing in on the sluggish economy Trump took off on the founders of ISIS, the New York Times, and Monica’s blue dress.

Clinton came closer to the goal of staying quiet, except for a speech on her Economics Plan. She spent five minutes on how she would spend even more than President Obama (of course, by getting the extra money from those who have got it) and the rest of the speech trashing Trump’s economic plan.

Both candidates say they are against the free trade agreements of the last 25 years. Our trade deficit has gotten worse in almost every business category, except for agriculture. Our farmers sell more food, cotton and other products abroad than we import, so they like our trade plans. The wider Panama Canal will help gain even more markets in Asia for our corn, soybeans and wheat by reducing shipping costs.

American consumers have also benefited from free trade, except the ones who lost their jobs in manufacturing. I think what Americans really want is fair trade. A level playing field.

This week we learned that even a Socialist in America can be prosperous. Our best known Socialist, Bernie Sanders, decided two houses were not enough for him and his wife so he bought another one, a vacation cottage on the shores of Lake Champlain. The price was $600,000 but we don’t know if he paid for it yet. In case he needed to borrow the dough, he could get a loan from a billionaire Socialist: Vladimir Putin, the Castro brothers, or the Hugo Chavez heirs.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers: (1928 campaign for President)

“You may say the Issue is “Prosperity,” You will try and show that we are prosperous, because we HAVE MORE. I will show where we are NOT prosperous because we haven’t PAID for it YET.”

“I am heartily in accord with the Anti-Bunk Party, but by its very name it means that we will have no political support.  Now I admit I can make a living outside politics. When you admit that you can live without depending on politics, you lose right there the support of all politicians, for if there is one thing that a politician hates worse than a recount, it’s somebody that is not in their business.”


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