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Sunday, February 5, 2017
ISSUE #899
Weekly Comments: Whew, what a start (and finish).

Trump has heads spinning in his first few days as President. Kinda like FDR in 1933 (see quotes below). FDR used “fireside chats” on the radio like Trump uses Twitter.

Trump nominated more successful business people than lawyers and politicians to key positions. Maybe it should be no surprise that many of those nominees are opposed by lawyers/politicians. They hate to see their clout slip away.

Neil Gorsuch was nominated to the Supreme Court to fill the “Scalia” seat. Scalia believed in the Constitution and so does Gorsuch. So why are Senate Democrats battling this pick? Why not wait for the next (potential) Supreme Court vacancy when Trump might want to replace a “liberal” Justice with a Constitutionalist. That should be the battle.

You wouldn’t believe how many travelers and their families were delayed because of the restrictions on people arriving from 7 countries where ISIS dominates. Thousands and thousands were affected at airports across the country. Actually the ruling affected about a hundred who were delayed a few hours; the thousands were hindered by the protesters. Hundreds protested at the Columbus airport even though there was not a single affected foreign passenger arriving.

Later, a federal judge ruled against Trump. When the ‘Muslim Ban’ protesters were informed they had won and could go home, they declined, “Hey, we’re protesters, we’ve got lots of signs: ‘No Wall,’ ‘No Borders,’ ‘Pro Choice,’ ‘Black Lives Matter.’ Some are written on the back of ‘I’m with Her.’”

Ever since Trump’s election, the economy seems to be looking up.  Not sure that’s the reason, but the Dow-Jones topped 20,000, more people are working, wages are inching up, pipeline construction approved, and companies and are announcing thousands of new jobs. Let’s hope it continues. The recovery from the Great Recession was too sluggish with growth of only about 2 percent a year.

I wonder how many sports writers had written their Super Bowl stories in advance with the headline, “Patriots Win Big.”  Kinda like political writers November 8 with, “Clinton elected President.”  Well, it took 31 points in a row, the biggest Super Bowl comeback and overtime, but Tom Brady and Bill Belichick won their fifth. The real headline: Brady Deflates Falcons 34-28.

It was wonderful to see President George Bush and Barbara handle the coin toss. He predicted it from his hospital bed a couple of weeks ago. Awesome.

On a “Will Rogers” personal note, his great niece, Doris “Coke” Lane Meyer died last week at age 97. She was the daughter of Will’s sister, Maud Rogers Lane and the last relative old enough to remember him. I was fortunate to see her about every year, at the celebration of Will’s birthday in November. She was 15 when her “Uncle Will” died, and had delightful memories of his visits home to Oklahoma.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

          “America hasn’t been as happy in three years as they are today… The whole country is with (President Roosevelt). Even if what he does is wrong they are with him. Just so he does something. If he burned down the Capitol we would cheer and say, ‘Well, we at least got a fire started.’” DT #2054, March 5, 1933

“Say, this Roosevelt is a fast worker. Even on Sunday… why this President closed all the banks and called Congress in extra session.” DT #2055, March 6, 1933

“America can carry herself and get along in pretty fair shape, but when she stops and picks up the whole world and puts it on her shoulders she just can’t get it done.” DT #2063, March 15, 1933


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