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Sunday, July 31, 2016
ISSUE #877
Weekly Comments: Who do you like: Clinton, Trump, or Will Rogers?

The Republican and Democrat Conventions are over. Both Cleveland and Philadelphia escaped with little chaos, mainly because the police outnumbered protesters ten to one. Sanders delegates raised more of a ruckus than Black Lives Matter.

Here’s what I got out of the conventions. The Republicans told us all the reasons not to vote for Clinton, then the Democrats told us all the reasons not to vote for Trump.

The Democrat convention was historic. This is the first time the wife of a former governor and a former president ever won a major party’s nomination for President.  Hillary Clinton wants to be known as the “Change Maker.” Yes. She will take your dollars, and all you get in return is change. She insists we are “Stronger Together.” That’s true as long as she can hold on to the wealthiest 1 percent, who now pay 35 percent of all federal taxes. She wants them to be an even stronger participant in her togetherness program by contributing 50 or 60 percent of the total. You might think her followers in the other 99 percent group would be full of praise and admiration for the top 1 percent. Well, you would be wrong. Not a single word of thanks, or encouragement for them to make more money next year.

Nobody can figure what Donald Trump wants to be known as. In his speeches and interviews he goes off on too many tangents. We may think he wants to eliminate illegal immigration, reduce tax rates, and bring back manufacturing jobs from foreign countries. But instead of explaining details, he launches into strange comments about Russia, NATO, and Muslims in America.

Both Presidential candidates picked good running mates. Most people would agree that Mike Pence and Tim Kaine, both with experience in Congress and as a Governor, are qualified. That’s important because there’s always a chance the President cannot complete the term. If elected, Clinton could wind up in federal prison. Trump could end up in a psychiatric ward.

I read a report a few days ago that the economy was looking up. But today we learned the growth rate for the April to June quarter was an anemic 1.2 percent. No wonder 40 percent of Americans think we are still in a recession and 70 percent say the country is on the wrong track.

I’m leading up to a huge announcement, probably the biggest political news story since, well, since Thursday, when Clinton became the first woman to accept the nomination. President Obama is steering our economy down the wrong track (with Hillary assisting), and Trump is on a track that no one knows exactly where it’s headed.

So in this muddled political season, where most people dislike both candidates, and don’t trust ‘em either, I feel compelled to emerge from the mist, mount the podium, and as I did proudly in 1928, accept the nomination of the Anti-Bunk Party as their candidate for President. I am wasting no time or money coming up with a new campaign platform. If it works as well in 2016 as it did 88 years ago, it will be deemed successful, and even historic.

Below is a peek into what will follow in the next 3 months. Soon we will have a new website, and we’ll announce names of 10 to 15 outstanding folks who want consideration for Vice-President. And not a politician in the bunch.

Historic quotes from Will Rogers(in Life magazine, 1928)

This (opportunity) leaves me dazed, and if I can stay dazed I ought to make a splendid Candidate.

Every Candidate always says, ‘Why there is dozens of men (and women) that is more competent to fill this office than I am.’ Well I don’t feel that way about it at all.  For after all, it’s only the office of Candidate that I am accepting. You know it don’t take near as good a man to be a Candidate as it does to hold the office. That’s why we wisely defeat more than we elect.

I think I can accept defeat in as poor English as anyone.

There will be no effort for Sex Appeal.  Of course, if it unconsciously manifests itself, why, we can’t help it.


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