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Monday, June 4, 2007
ISSUE #459
Weekly Comments: Will reveals secret for success among candidates

#459, June 4, 2007

COLUMBUS: Paris Hilton went to jail today. Lindsey Lohan heard about Paris, and said I want in there, too. I tell you, it’s a stampede in Hollywood to see who all can get in with her.

Do you remember William Jefferson, the New Orleans Congressman who bribed foreign leaders and hid $90,000 in his freezer? Well, he was arrested today and could serve up to 200 years in prison. He wants to plea bargain a lighter sentence so he can get out by November 2008, mainly to attend his re-election victory party. So much for “Jeffersonian Principles.”

CNN put on a Presidential debate in New Hampshire Sunday night for the Democrats. There wasn’t a stage in the state wide enough to hold all the candidates, so they took over an ice rink. If Hillary appeared cold on camera, at least she had an excuse.

The Republicans get their shot Tuesday night on the same stage. All together we’ve got about fifty candidates and just over a year to go until the Conventions. Now don’t fret about the huge number. We’re likely to have some campaigns run out of dough, a couple of divorces, and a half dozen arrests, so the field will kinda narrow itself. If a man can arrange to do all three, he’s a shoo in. And he’ll name Paris Hilton for V-P.

Historic quote from Will Rogers:

“I hope the Democrats win this [1928] election just for one thing. I have heard 5,000 hours of speeches on a “return to Jeffersonian Principles,” and I want to see what “Jeffersonian Principles” are. Is it just an oratorical topic, or is it an economic condition? I know that Jefferson was for the poor, but in his days that was good politics, for practically everybody was poor.” DT #700, Oct. 24, 1928.


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