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Sunday, January 16, 2022
ISSUE #1095
Weekly Comments:  Winter Olympics Controversy. Voting Rights. Professional Speakers and Bankers. MLK Day

The Winter Olympics in Beijing, China will begin February 4. Our athletes who don’t drop out because of Covid will compete. None of our government officials will attend because President Biden declared a “diplomatic” boycott. Most of our US sponsors are refusing to criticize China because they don’t want the Communist leaders to cut ‘em off from 1.7 Billion potential customers.

A few sponsors are trying to get their money back from the International Olympic Committee. The IOC could go broke because they chose to hold the Olympics in China despite all the Communist Chinese actions against their own citizens (especially the Uyghurs), Hong Kong, and Taiwan. I suggest we all boycott China by not watching. Crash the NBC Nielsen ratings. (See first quote below)

President Biden is determined to force a national takeover of elections. Only problem is he has a 48-52 minority in the Senate on this issue when he needs 60 votes. Democrats in Congress say American citizens have the right to vote, either in-person or by mail. Republicans say those votes should not be canceled by votes cast illegally. Does your state, or any state, have laws against these ideals?

Yesterday I met with my professional speaker friends at the Ohio Chapter of the National Speakers Association. These NSA professionals speak “after dinner” and any other time, day or night. Continuing a new feature in Weekly Comments, here is a short bit from one of my speeches. It is based on a Will Rogers’ comment in March 1923 when he took a friendly jab at the bankers.

“I was raised on a cattle ranch and I never saw or heard of a rancher going broke, except the ones who had borrowed money.  You can’t break a man that don’t borrow. He may not have anything, but he can look the World in the face and say, ‘I don’t owe you Birds a nickel.’ You might ask, if the farmers and ranchers and the rest of you, quit borrowing money, what will all the Bankers do? Well, I don’t care what they do. Let ‘em go to work, if there is any job they could earn a living at. Banking and After Dinner Speaking are two of the most non-essential industries we have in this country.  I’m ready to reform if they are.”

Tomorrow we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King. Will Rogers was part Cherokee and would definitely agree with Dr. King’s encouragement to judge a person by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“(In the Olympics) Our high diving (skill) is inherited from our politicians. Our public men do nothing but high dive. They climb up the ladder on promises, just before election, then dive off after they are elected.” DT #1921, Sept. 30, 1932

“If I was running for office, I would rather have two friends in the counting room than a Republican Slush fund behind me. More candidates have been defeated after 6 o’clock in the evening than were ever defeated during election day.” WA #100, Nov. 9, 1924


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