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Sunday, April 14, 2024
ISSUE #1202
Weekly Comments:  Your Taxes Pay Your Student Debt. Despite “Don’t”, Iran Attacked Israel

More than 150 million Americans will file an Income Tax Return by tomorrow. If you paid any income taxes for 2023, congratulations. A portion of your taxes paid your college student debt.

What? Even if you have no unpaid student loans, or did not even attend college, you just paid your share of $7,400,000,000 in student debt. This is in addition to your share of the $145,000,000,000 student loan debt you paid in 2021 and 2022.

Several former students with outstanding loans had illnesses or other mental or physical issues and they legitimately deserve our compassion and contributions. They deserved relief.

But too many signed a loan for a “new Cadillac Escalade education” and all they got after 4 or 5 years was a “1999 Chevy Vega career.”

Did Congress vote for this $152 BILLION transfer from you to the former students? No. Did you vote for it? Of course not. (But, in a way you did if you voted for Joe Biden in 2020.) The Supreme Court DID vote, and they voted NO!

But President Biden defied the Supreme Court and did it anyway. A Democrat Congresswoman applauded the President’s move, saying the debt relief for 4,000,000 former students could allow them to “get another degree.”  Believe it or not, Will Rogers made a similar point on his radio program, June 2, 1935, “The only salvation I can see for the young is to increase the college term to an additional four years. You’ll say, ‘Well, what could they learn in another four years?’ Well, there must be something about making a living that they haven’t learned yet, and they could kind of work on that for the next four years.”

But what loan relief really does, and the President’s original purpose, is to get 4,000,000 more votes for Democrats. An even worse consequence is the effect it has on current and future students. They will sign for a college loan and assume that after getting a degree, they won’t have to pay any of it back.

Iran attacked Israel with about 300 drones and missiles Saturday night. Iran’s radical Islamic leaders really hate Israel. Iran is 75 times bigger than Israel and is separated from little Israel by two other big countries, Iraq and Jordan. Here’s Will Rogers in his newspaper column (DT #2189, August 9, 1933), “I don’t care how little your country is, you got a right to run it like you want to. When the big nations quit meddling then the world will have peace.” (This also applies to Ukraine and Taiwan.)

Has there ever been a more peculiar attack? Iran announced a week ago they would attack. They even waited on Saturday for President Biden to return from Delaware to the White House Situation Room so he could watch on TV as it was happening. Israel, with help from us and other allies, destroyed 99% of the drones and missiles.

I’m wondering if Iran had a slew of older, out-of-date drones and decided this would be a way to get rid of them and have Israel use up valuable resources to shoot them down. And half of the Iranian ballistic missiles misfired, never got off the ground. This could have been a strategic maneuver by Iran to learn how Israel might react to a real attack. Let’s hope our CIA has a few spies who know the truth.

The attack came after President Biden warned them using one of his favorite words, “Don’t.”  I think Webster should declare “don’t” as the Word of the Year. It has two definitions. 1. When a parent or teacher tells a child “Don’t” it means you better not do that! 2. When President Biden tells a country “Don’t”, well, it is meaningless.

Tomorrow Donald Trump goes on trial in New York City. It will be unique. Never in history has a misdemeanor trial lasted two months.


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