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Sunday, November 12, 2023
ISSUE #1181
What if Israel Disappeared? Is San Francisco Cleaned Up? Is Senator Manchin Washed Up?

Is it possible for students to get “dumber” after entering college? Everybody knows that a high school student has to be super smart to get accepted to Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, MIT and many other elite universities. So, after 2 or 3 years of paying up to $75,000 a year for a superb education on a prestigious campus, how could their brains disintegrate so far they could not qualify for a local Junior College?

Millions of students and other people worldwide support Hamas and keep chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

Let’s suppose they got their wish. Israel is forced to accept defeat because Iran keeps sending billions of oil dollars to fund Hamas and Hezbollah. Every Jew in the new country of Palestine moves out.

Of course, that won’t happen. But if it did, what would be the result? First, they would destroy every Israeli-built factory, business, and farm. And every synagogue and historic location connected to Jesus and Christians.

With that destruction finished and 90 percent of Palestinians living a 7th Century lifestyle, how long do you think they would live in peace? You don’t have to be a foreign affairs expert to know that within months in their new, free, independent country, the surviving Hamas fighters would find a reason to attack somebody. For practice, they might fire rockets into Jordan, and Egypt.

But the real target of these radical Palestinians would be the United States and Europe. The millions of pro-Palestinian protesters should not assume that only Jews would be hunted down. No, as demonstrated on October 7, anyone of any religion or race would be slaughtered.

For the safety of all college students (and the rest of us), any student siding with Hamas should be expelled from college. And if they are a foreign student, they need to be deported. Many student protesters are so stupid they could be duped into carrying a bomb into a classroom or dorm and blowing up the building.

As I said above, Israel will not disappear as a country. Despite widespread demands for a one-sided “ceasefire,” they will not give up the battle to wipe out Hamas. Even if the protesters and several world leaders have forgotten, Hamas killed about 1400 civilians in Israel and are holding over 200 hostages in Gaza.

China’s Chairman, Xi Jinping, is coming to San Francisco on Wednesday to meet President Biden. I guess Xi chose San Francisco because Governor Newsom was so complimentary of him during a recent visit to China. Because of this high-level international meeting, the governor is clearing out the thousands of homeless people living in squalor on downtown sidewalks. (I guess he is busing them to Oakland.) All of the ramshackle tents, drug paraphernalia and human waste are being cleaned out to make the city look spotless.

Residents of the San Francisco Bay area wonder why it takes a visit from a Chinese Communist Dictator to knock some common sense into Governor Newsom’s head. They are hoping against hope that the spotless downtown area is not allowed to get messed up again.

Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia announced he will not run for reelection next year. He didn’t admit it, but the real reason is because he would be soundly defeated by Governor Jim Justice. Pundits are speculating he will run for President as a third-party candidate. Several years ago, when Manchin was more popular nationally, I suggested he could be elected President, but only if he became a Republican. Manchin is 76 years old so his political career is probably ending. Biden and most other Democrats do not like him. Oddly, his only hope is for former President Trump to win next year and name him Secretary of Energy.

By the way, I had a great weekend celebrating Will Rogers’ birthday in Claremore. Enjoyed Will’s favorite dessert at Hammett House, cherry pie with ice cream.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“Everybody is ignorant only on different subjects.” WA #90, Aug. 31, 1924

“They are pretty bad, these big wars over Commerce… But one over religion is really the most bitter.” WA #350, Sept. 8, 1929

“When a Los Angeles guy comes up here to San Francisco, it’s just a country boy going to town. You have to take your spurs off here. You can’t explain Frisco.” DT #1827, June 1, 1932


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