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Sunday, March 27, 2011
ISSUE #648
Will offers plan to get rid of Qaddafi; honors Ferraro and Liz

March 27, 2011

COLUMBUS: College basketball has narrowed down the field. Next weekend, the best four teams in the country will be… at home. Meanwhile in Houston, four teams with 37 losses among them will be playing for the trophy. Butler and Virginia Commonwealth will be America’s favorites, but Vegas money will be on Kentucky and Connecticut.

Some folks here in Columbus want to invite Duke, Kansas and Pitt to join Ohio State in an impromptu battle of the original #1’s. That’s sort of the way it works in football, you know, with a committee picking the top two. But in basketball the suspense and excitement is greater as any of about 50 teams has a reasonable shot at the Final Four.

In Libya we’re helping the rebels go after Qaddafi. President Obama won’t admit on television that we want him dead, but he’s hoping for a quick end to the war. Well, here’s my plan. To speed up the demise of Qaddafi all we’ve got to do is drop a few more bombs on the Presidential Palace. His army will get the hint they ain’t about to receive any bonus, or get paid at all, and they or one of his female bodyguards will turn on him. If bin Laden is worth a twenty-five million dollar bounty, Qaddafi ought to be worth ten.

Meanwhile in Europe, Germans are rioting against nuclear power plants. Seems they want to shut them down and instead get their electricity from solar and wind. Last I heard Germany is paying 30 cents a kilowatt-hour for solar electric. When they see their electric bill triple, these same Germans will be clamoring for more nuclear plants. In England, the hooligans are bored with soccer so they are rioting against the government for cutting the budget. Seems the payments for staying unemployed are being cut, and these guys would rather riot than work.

In Portugal, where their debt is almost as bad as in Greece, the national leader proposed cuts to manage the massive deficit. The Parliament said “No, we’d rather go bankrupt and get bailed out.” So the leader resigned. In a couple of months we’ll see how our Congress votes on the same issue. I doubt anybody will resign, even if they should.

This week we lost two great women who were idolized for decades. Liz Taylor was a beautiful movie star that every eligible man in America wanted to marry, and seven actually did. Geraldine Ferraro was a Congresswoman who was selected by Mr. Mondale to run for Vice-President in 1984. Even though they lost to President Reagan, she led a remarkable life and was admired for her pioneering spirit and level-headed analysis of national issues.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:
(On wars) “Either make it official and go in a shooting or stay out!… “I tell you wars will never be a success… until they announce before they start just what it’s for.” WA #6, Jan. 21, 1923
“One of the greatest upsets in basketball was by a team from Kentucky. A few years back tiny Center College at Danville, with only a couple of little brick buildings, beat Harvard!” (paraphrased from WA #277, Apr. 15,1928)


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