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Monday, October 30, 2006
ISSUE #430
Will questions healthy living with pot, booze and broccoli

#430, October 30, 2006

COLUMBUS: Last week I kinda fell into some old habits, what with misspelled words and giving you the wrong date for the election. I know it’s Nov. 7, and not Nov. 8, although for years I thought elections were held on Nov. 4. See, I was born on election day, Nov. 4, and I just naturally figured elections were always on Nov. 4. I may not have had the right date, but at least I had the right week.

There’s been a rash of news lately about medical research on what makes our brains work better. One bunch of folks discovered that marijuana delays or prevents the Alzheimer disease. Then, not to be outdone, another bunch announced their research showing that a strong drink or two every day is good for the brain. Then I read in the Sunday paper that eating three helpings of vegetables helps the brain function better.

None of those researchers seemed to know about the other two, so I propose they get together and test all three remedies on the same set of people. I got my doubts if it’ll work because once they’re high on the marijuana they’ll lose count of the drinks, and completely forget to eat their carrots and broccoli. So I’ll just stay with my old favorites of barbeque beef, black coffee and beans, with cherry pie on the side. It’s worked so far; Saturday makes 127 years.

The St. Louis Cardinals finished off the Tigers in 5 games. Decided they didn’t want to take the risk of having to win two in Detroit like in 1934, so they won at home. Maybe this is all news to you; I heard that practically nobody outside of St. Louis and Detroit bothered to watch.

When ballroom dancing with a bunch of amateurs draws more attention on television than the best professional ballplayers in the World Series, well, it just shows you how cockeyed things are today. Of course you can’t blame the dancers. If baseball wants to climb back to the top they would play those games in the afternoon and insist that every school child in America be allowed to listen to ’em on the radio.

Around Columbus, college football has knocked everything else off the tv, radio, newspapers and blogs. Ohio State Buckeyes are Number One, that’s all you hear. All these candidates in tight races can’t get anyone to listen to ’em unless they grab a microphone and shout “O-H” and wait for the “I-O” response. Today, they had to bring in Michael J. Fox to draw some attention to politics. Nov. 7 may be when the election is decided, but here they’re waiting for the championship to be decided on Nov. 18. To the rest of you it’s just the Michigan-Ohio State football game. But here it’s the World Series, Super Bowl, and Olympic gold medal all in one. The Game will determine whether Ohio is dancing with the stars, or Detroit (a month late) celebrates a winner.

Historic quotes from Will Rogers: (on politics, and the 1934 World Series)

“We cuss ’em and we joke about ’em, but they are all good fellows at heart; and if they wasn’t in (Congress), why, they would be doing something else against us that might be worse.” Saturday Evening Post, July 24, 1926

“Politics has got so expensive that it takes lots of money to even get beat with nowadays.” DT #1538, June 28, 1931

“DETROIT, Mich. It was a great game, good to win and tough to lose. Detroit has been watching “Dizzy” when it should have been “Daffy.” “Daffy” has walked in unobserved and packed off two arms full of bacon. “Highschoolboy” Rowe was mighty good, but old McGuffey’s Third Reader Paul Dean was a little better. It just shows you got to leave school earlier and take up your profession. Mickey Cochrane was a real hero. He got crippled, but went right on and blocked ’em off that plate when they come with spikes blazing in his face.

Now about tomorrow. That’s going to be a real game.” DT #2550, Oct. 8, 1934

“We had a ball game… And we had “Dizzy” Dean. Anywhere “Dizzy” is, there is something happening, either for or against.

The Tigers put up a fine fight and, darn it, I did feel sorry for ’em in their dressing room. Nobody slapping ’em on the back, in fact nobody in there but them. Game Mickey Cochrane sitting there just removing bandage after bandage from almost all over himself. Real he men, in a he man’s game, with almost tears in their eyes but not squawking. They just said “Old ‘Diz’ had everything.” I can applaud a winner as loud as anybody, but somehow a loser appeals to me.

Over in the St. Louis dressing room it was a madhouse. “Dizzy” had a stuffed rubber tiger by the tail. He says, “Will, the championship remains in Oklahoma.” “Pepper” Martin and all the others were just plain “nutty.” It’s been a great series. I used to know all the old-time players and it was like a reunion for me. “Dizzy” ain’t dizzy, and “Daffy” ain’t daffy. They’re plenty smart and fine boys.” DT #2551, Oct. 9, 1934

Note: The Cardinals won Game 6 behind the pitching of Paul “Daffy” Dean”. Then “Dizzy” Dean pitched an 11-0 shutout to wrap up the championship.


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