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Sunday, October 9, 2016
ISSUE #887
Will Rogers: a candidate you can be proud of

Whoa! Dueling scandals are ripping the heart out of the election. Donald Trump is caught making crude, disgusting sexual comments 11 years ago. Hillary Clinton is caught privately praising big bankers and “open borders” a few years ago, which is opposite to her campaign statements.

In the debate both issues were questioned, but they seemed to spend more time on Trump’s crude sex comments than on Clinton’s leaked speech quotes to Wall Street bankers. Clinton did get hit hard on her deleting and bleaching 33,000 emails after a subpoena from Congress. Trump said if he is elected, Clinton will be prosecuted and sent to jail. Of course that assumes President Obama doesn’t pardon her before he leaves office.

The debate ended on a nice note. Hillary praised the Trump children and Donald praised her for perseverance as a fighter in a long career in public life.

While Trump has lost support of several prominent Republicans, Will Rogers still has long list of endorsers. Look at these strong supporters: Henry Ford, Judge Ben B. Lindsey, Helen Keller, Gen. Billy Mitchell, Harold Lloyd, Babe Ruth, Ring Lardner, William Allen White, Rev. Francis J. Duffy, Charles Dana Gibson, Glenn H. Curtiss and Grantland Rice.

If you recognize all these folks, you’ll understand why my main constituents — the group I can count on almost unanimously — are people over 80. And these folks vote! Yes, we may have to help a few of ‘em get to the polls.

Historic quotes about Will Rogers’ campaign:

Endorsement by Judge Ben B. Lindsey: “Will Rogers is an American.  Equipped as he is with a generous supply of genuine Indian blood, he’s a lot closer to 100% American than are most of the people who brag about it.

In the second place, Will Rogers is a humorist. If elected, he would be the first President (since Lincoln) who was funny intentionally. Will Rogers will make the people laugh. But what is more important, he will make them think.

Will Rogers has had wider experience than any man that has ever run for any office.  He has been mixed up in politics: he has served as Mayor of Beverly Hills; he has been designated ‘Congressman-at-Large;’ and he holds the commission of Colonel in Kentucky. Will Rogers has seen something of the world.  He knows more about our foreign relations than do all the members of the Senatorial Foreign Relations Committee.  He was famous as an Ambassador of Good Will when Charles Lindbergh was still toting mail between St. Louis and Chicago.

Endorsement by Helen Keller: “If I had my choice, I would nominate Will Rogers.  He would think of so many nice things to do. The whole country would be full of laughter, and laughter is good for people.”

Endorsement by Henry Ford: The joke of Will Rogers’ candidacy for President is that it is no joke. It is a serious attempt to restore American common sense to American politics. American wisdom has always been marked by a humorous slant. In our best days as a nation we were always able to slap our biggest problems familiarly on the back, and we need someone who can bring us back to that attitude of easy mastery. Will Rogers can do it.  He will be a terror to hypocrites. His humor will wash away whole mountains of nonsense and sham. Great things could be accomplished by a President Rogers, not the least of which will be the restoration of popular interest in national problems.”


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