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Sunday, October 16, 2016
ISSUE #888
Will Rogers makes unique campaign promise

The third and final Presidential debate is this week. Chris Wallace will be the Moderator and he selected these six topics: immigration, debt and entitlements, the economy, foreign hot spots, the candidates’ fitness to be president, and the Supreme Court.

Now I don’t claim to have any great connection with Mr. Wallace, but he selected four of the six topics I suggested a month ago: Illegal immigrants (amnesty, citizenship, deportation); Federal debt ($19 Trillion and rising); Economy (jobs, tax rates); and Foreign policy.  My other two were: National security (handling classified information, Muslim refugees from terrorist countries); and Farm policy. His topic of “fitness to be President” certainly includes my topic of handling classified information and managing Muslim refugees. I like his sixth topic (Supreme Court) compared to mine (Farm policy) and I think most farmers and ranchers would agree those Justices could have more impact on their business in their lifetimes than a single president.

Can Chris Wallace keep Trump and Clinton focused on these topics? And get them to answer honestly? Good luck. Trump has learned how to pivot away from a question to whatever he wanted to say in the first place.  And if Clinton’s answers last week, under oath, to questions from Judicial Watch are any indication, she will respond to three-fourths of the debate questions with “I don’t recall.”  So in this debate, we have narrowed the field to a candidate who claims he knows more than anyone else, and one who claims she doesn’t know much of anything.

The Will Rogers for President Campaign is laying it all on the line. Here’s my knockout punch, and I can only hope that neither Trump nor Clinton steals it, because they would win in a landslide: IF ELECTED I ABSOLUTELY AND POSITIVELY AGREE TO RESIGN. That’s my only Campaign pledge: ELECT ROGERS AND HE WILL RESIGN.”         (WillRogersForPresident.com)

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

I think you will find that Campaigns have ruined more men than they ever made.”

“Half of each Party is not crazy about their Candidate.”  

Will Rogers in 1928 [2016]: “The Republicans don’t want Hoover [Trump], and the Democrats don’t want Smith [Clinton]. To get right down to brass tacks, both Hoover [Trump] and Smith [Clinton] had the poorest opposition that ever faced any Candidates in the history of nominations. They just won because there was just nobody else in the race on either side that could give a sure guarantee that they could carry their own precinct, much less their State.”

If all the charges that’s been made in regard to both Candidates were layed end to end, it would take ’em over two hours to pass a given point.”

“If all the ‘Denials’ were heaped in a pile, Lindbergh couldn’t fly over ’em.  You know it’s a funny thing about a denial. It takes twice as many words to deny it as it did to make it.”    


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