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Sunday, October 30, 2016
ISSUE #890
Will Rogers, Trump, Clinton and the FBI

The Will Rogers for President Campaign is surging ahead. I’ll remind voters that Will is the candidate of the Anti-Bunk Party while the Democrats and Republicans are totally dependent on Bunk. Will Rogers never deleted an email, been charged with sexual assault, or investigated by the FBI.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has had the FBI nipping at her heels for months.

Back in January I wrote that the Republican nominee would be decided by upcoming primaries and caucuses, and the Democrat nominee by FBI indictments: “(Clinton’s) future depends on the vote of one person, and only one: the FBI Director.” And in April: “She is leading Bernie Sanders, but political observers say her biggest challenge to the nomination is the ‘Comey Caucus.’”

On June 12, after Clinton wrapped up the nomination I wrote, “A few pundits pointed out she is the first nominee to be under FBI investigation. Of course, she is not the only Presidential nominee who should have been investigated.”

On July 10, after the Fourth of July weekend interrogation, I wrote, “After siting a few cases of Clinton lying, the FBI Director then let her off the hook… The FBI Director essentially announced, ‘She is not guilty by reason of temporary stupidity.’”

On September 4, I made a prediction, but was off by a month, “My guess is the next bombshell from the FBI will be released on Thanksgiving Friday. Yes, after she’s been elected and everyone is at the Mall.”

So here she is, a week before Election Day. You probably heard this statement: “Voters deserve to get full and complete facts.” Ironically, this was not said by the FBI Director or Donald Trump. No, it was stated boldly by the person who has the full and complete facts in her possession, Hillary Clinton. Her goal ever since setting up a personal email server in 2009 has been to hide the full and complete facts from the voters. She and her assistant Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner could release immediately every email and other information on their computers.  Well, some of Weiner’s files we really don’t want to see.

Ironically, politicians who were against FBI Director Comey in July are for him, and ones for him then are against him now.

I’ve always admitted, “I’m not a member of any organized political party… I’m a Democrat.” So, if worse comes to worse and Clinton drops out, I’m willing to sacrifice, take my Anti-Bunk platform over to the Democrat Party, and fill the vacancy. The Will Rogers/Tim Kaine team will absolutely commit, over the next four years, to clean up the mess. Actually I would prefer my own Vice-President (pick one: Scott McKain, John Meluso, or John Geenen), but Kaine and I can raise enough Cain in Washington to make ‘em look forward to 2020.

Historic Will Rogers quotes:

“It’s been great to have been in the race and be the only one that did not get mixed up in any of the scandals of it.”

“In spite of all this awful opposition, we still control the GREAT SILENT VOTE, which is beyond the reach of our (opponents). It includes all those who vote without bragging about it.”

Note: Will Rogers wife, Betty Blake Rogers, children, and all family members have agreed to this dramatic move, as long as the whole crew gets to live for free in the White House the next 4 years.Will Rogers horses and a dog can live out back, in a pole barn we’ll construct where Mrs. Obama’s million dollar garden is now.


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