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Sunday, April 29, 2012
ISSUE #705
Will suggests new lessons for students

April 29, 2012

COLUMBUS: President Obama has been flying around the country, speaking to college students about paying off their loans. He told them he plans to keep their interest rates low. But kinda subtly, I think a lot of students thought he said, “Re-elect me and if you don’t get a job, I’ll not only lower your interest, I’ll cancel your debt.” He didn’t say that, but that’s what they heard.

What he should be telling them, straight out, is to buckle down, take the tough math and science classes, study far into the night, and go after a degree that means something. Then when you graduate you’ll likely have at least two good job offers to start work the next Monday.

If the President and Congress really want to reduce problems with student loans they are talking to the wrong students. They should be talking to junior high, not college students.  Tell ‘em the truth about careers and job prospects and salaries. For too long these young students have been told to “just follow your interests and passions.” That’s good advice for a hobby or weekend recreation. But when it comes to careers, pick one that’s in demand and has good long-term prospects for movin’ on up.

And there’s nothing wrong with a good job right out of high school or tech school. Brother, if you can weld or operate heavy equipment, the oil and gas business has work for you, if they can keep the EPA from shutting them down.

A dozen Secret Service agents got in trouble in Columbia so now they have strict limits on their behavior. From now on, if you want to go out carousing on foreign junkets at government expense, first you have to get elected.

When that GSA administrator, Jeff Neely,  heard about the late-night escapades of the Secret Service agents, he was upset, “Dang, I spent $800,000 in Las Vegas and all I got was a hot tub, a mind reader and a clown.”

The Presidential campaign is getting downright nasty. The Number One issue facing the country this week is dogs. Not jobs. Not deficits. Not immigration. Dogs! The whole argument boils down to this: would a dog prefer to ride to Canada on top of a car, or be eaten in Indonesia.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“The only salvation for the young is to increase the college term to an additional four years. .. It will save parents an awful lot of worry.  Just think of taking a son or daughter off your hands for another four years. You’ll say, “What could they learn in another four years?” Well, there must be something about making a living.” Radio, June 2, 1935

“I love a dog. He does nothing for political purposes.” DT #2288, Dec. 3, 1933


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