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Sunday, August 3, 2014
ISSUE #804
Will’s plan for Gaza

Congress left town for a 5-week vacation. You may be wondering: “Vacation from what?”
President Obama joked that Republicans want to sue him, and then impeach him. If you’re like me, you are wondering which of the many crises they are fighting about is worth a lawsuit. Well, most of those Republicans are lawyers and in any lawsuit the lawyers pocket a third. So the surprise is what took ‘em so long. But they may end up with nothing. Obama can say, “Hey, I’m dead broke. In fact, I’m worse off than Hillary; I’m in the hole 17 trillion dollars.”
But impeachment is a whole different ball game. Democrats claim that Republicans are planning to impeach the President. I think they are actually encouraging impeachment because in 1998, after President Clinton was impeached, Democrats in Congress, surprisingly, picked up seats. Whether impeachment can work in 2014, I got my doubts. Does President Obama even have an intern?
Both parties are ignoring the problems facing the country. Instead they spend their time raising money for the election. Shucks, if they worked together to solve the problems, they wouldn’t need to raise millions of dollars. Voters would know how to vote without being bombarded with political ads.
Did you know the Al-Qaeda terrorists have a branch in Gaza? It’s called Hamas. There’s another branch of Al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria, called ISIS. The goal of Hamas is to kill Jews and wipe Israel off the map. The goal of ISIS is to eliminate Christians, and so far, they are succeeding. Maybe we should start treating these terrorists as terrorists, not as a “government entity.”  Recently, our leaders have seemed more interested in protecting Muslims than Christians or Jews.
Hamas terrorists have proven they have no interest in honestly governing the residents of Gaza. The only skill they have is building tunnels. What about firing rockets, isn’t that a skill? Well, Hamas has fired thousands of rockets, but so far they have killed more of their own people than they have the enemy. Not very skillful.  But back to tunnels. They love to build tunnels, good ones lined with reinforced concrete. Let ‘em build a tunnel all the way from Gaza, under Israel, to the West Bank. It’s only about 20 miles. Then let the 1.8 million Palestinians in Gaza walk through it to the West Bank and resettle there, or in Jordan.
With 30 miles of available beachfront property on the Mediterranean imagine what a great luxury resort Gaza could become. Gaza could top the French Riviera and Monaco. Why climb steep hillsides when you can lie on a sandy beach in peace and tranquility. That’s just my idea, and I doubt it will ever get very far, because this is not a time for common sense.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:
“In this country people don’t vote for, they vote against… And this year it will either be for or against (the President). The whole thing will depend on conditions.”
 Radio, June 9, 1935


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