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Sunday, April 15, 2012
ISSUE #703
Will’s views on Mothers and Millionaires

COLUMBUS: The campaign for President has come down to a clear choice between President Obama and Mitt Romney. Americans have been saying for a long time their main issues are jobs, reducing the deficit and health care. The voters have six months to figure out which one has the best plan to lead the country.

President Obama officially proposed the millionaire’s tax he has been campaigning on for awhile. He wants anyone who makes a million dollars to pay 30% income tax. Fact is anyone receiving a million or more in salary is already paying over 30%. Folks like Warren Buffett and Mitt Romney depend mainly on capital gains for their income which is taxed at 15% because they already paid over 30% on it when they earned the investment in the first place.  The President says doubling this capital gains tax will cut the annual deficit by $5 Billion. When he was confronted with the idea this would cut jobs and only reduce the deficit by half a percent he said, “It’s a start.”  Really, he should have proposed 60% to make it worthwhile.

After the election look for him to admit, “Sorry, I miscalculated on the deficit reduction. I meant to say the 30% minimum tax will apply to all who make over $100,000.”

I read in the paper that over a hundred people got sick with salmonella from eating lean tuna scraped off the bones. It reminded me of the story about lean beef trimmings that got so many people hysterical it can no longer be sold. Hundreds of beef packers lost their jobs even though it never made anybody sick. Maybe treating tuna with a little ammonia and irradiation ain’t such a bad idea after all. Call it tuna slime.

Mothers got back in the news this week. You would think anybody in politics would be smart enough to leave these women alone. Why, in the old days half the women lived on farms and nobody ever had the nerve to claim these farm women didn’t work.

North Korea is probably the least civilized nation on Earth. Today the Communist dictator celebrated the 1912 birth of his grandfather (who started the decline in 1950), while thousands of Koreans are locked away in prisons and the other 90% are starving. China, which used to be the most civilized nation on the planet, is responsible for this mess, and could end the misery starting tomorrow.  The Chinese leader needs to say the equivalent of, “ Kim Jong Un, tear down this wall.”

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“My own mother died when I was ten… The mother I know the most about is the mother of our little group [Betty Blake Rogers]. She has been for 22 years trying to raise to maturity four youngins’, three by birth and one by marriage.” Radio, May 11, 1930

 “In this country people don’t vote for, they vote against.”  Radio, June 9, 1935
 “Every guy just looks in his pockets and then votes.” WA #196, Sept. 12, 1926


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