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Sunday, March 3, 2013
ISSUE #749
Writing a column that’s shorter, yet longer

In honor of our officials in Washington, this article is 2% shorter than last week. But it is still 3% longer than a year ago.

Unlike Washington, I’ll include the important stuff, if any, and leave out the part you might prefer to never be bothered with.

Last week I was kinda wondering what would a President Romney do in this economic standoff. Well, today he was interviewed on television and here’s part of what he said (paraphrased): Washington is wasting a perfect opportunity to solve a long term problem. That opportunity is being squandered by politics. It’s time for the President to put politics aside and lead. Nero is fiddling while Rome burns.

Of course it’s easy for the fellow who’s out to offer advice to the one who’s in.

Did you notice, President Obama has backed off his scare tactics from a week ago. Before the sequestration deadline hit, I compared his economic aptitude to a man running a restaurant with 2 cooks and 10 waitresses, and if tough times forced him to lay off 2 employees, he would lay off the cooks. But when March came, and the sky didn’t fall, he wised up a bit. And I think he would figure out a way to maybe layoff one waitress, or perhaps keep everyone around while he worked harder to attract more paying customers to the diner.

Here’s some good news. The Keystone Pipeline got a thumbs up from the new Secretary of State. The government finally figured out there are thousands of miles of gas and oil pipelines cutting across the Great Plains without any disasters. One more pipeline won’t hurt. But the EPA is still dragging its heels; they can’t decide if Canadian oil burned in the United States would raise global temperatures more than burning it in China.

Did you hear about this Harvard guy, Dr. Samuel Betances, who has made millions of dollars from the government conducting so-called “cultural diversity training?”  He was taped berating agriculture department employees for discrimination against Indians, African-Americans and Mexicans that occurred a hundred to four hundred years ago. No doubt that discrimination happened. However instead of spending millions of our tax dollars, why not have the government heads send an email to their employees with this message: Previously, our government has from time to time discriminated against certain races. If you’re still doing it, cut it out!

Here are some cuts to the Defense budget that even Republicans can agree on. First,… oh, shucks, I’m out of space. Goodbye till next

Historic quote by Will Rogers:
“(The list of new Cabinet members) shows us that three of ‘em escaped from the Senate. That’s like going to the Old Men’s Home to get an athlete.”  DT #2046, Feb. 23, 1933


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