Redefining Webster; Solving election problems, racism and immigration

Is Webster’s your favorite dictionary? Or do you ask Seri? We have a new one in 2021: The New Revised Democrat Dictionary.

Recently we learned that “infrastructure” includes every possible government spending and taxing program, including the kitchen sink.

“Bipartisan” used to mean that at least one member of Congress of the opposite party agrees with your bill; now it means at least one of the hundred million Americans of the opposite party sides with you.

“Packing” now means unpacking (as it relates to Supreme Court Justices)

“Peaceful protest” is a synonym for rioting, looting, burning, vigorously confronting, yelling obscenities, and throwing bricks.

“Voter suppression” is any policy or action that does not give every person the option to vote at any time, any place, or by any method chosen (as defined by the Party of that potential voter).

No doubt we can also come up with a few for a “Republican Dictionary.”

Democrats in the House passed a bill that would nationalize all elections. It includes a ban on any requirement for voter identification. We’re learning a lot about election laws across the country. Most states require a signature match, valid ID, or photo ID. Curiously, about a dozen states have no requirement at all.

The state drawing the most attention is Georgia, which requires voters to show identification. Two issues get all the focus, even from President Biden: people without an ID, and a ban on providing water to voters waiting in line. Well, here’s a solution. And it’ll work in other states, too. In Georgia, Stacy Abrams (the self-proclaimed Governor) has access to a few million dollars. Let her organization commit $5 million to find everyone without an ID, and get ‘em one. It might take $4.9 million to locate the few without an ID, leaving her a few dollars each to get them photographed at a government office.

For the “no water allowed” problem, eliminate long lines. How? Most precincts have enough voting machines to eliminate long lines. The big companies complaining about Georgia rules should each contribute millions of dollars to buy more voting machines. The state should place the extra machines in precincts proportional to the number of registered voters. Problem solved!

Is this ironic? Kids today are the least racist ever, but they are being blasted with “theory” that forces them to look at each other based on race? In many ways they are living, studying, competing in sports, and enjoying fun times with no concern about race. The folks who grew up with racism in the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s are dying off. Young folks are more tolerant, at least most of them. Since 1968, we have learned from Martin Luther King, Jr. to focus on character, not color.

VP Kamala Harris is staying far away from the “situation” at the US/Mexican border by going 1200 miles away, to Guatemala. Instead of spending Billions on a 30-ft wall, she will spend Billions on diplomacy.

This might be her opening conversation with the president of the country: “How many Billions will it take to get you to stop your citizens from heading to my country?”  President Giammattei, “Well, that sounds interesting. Let me get back to you after I check with the cartels.”

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“The Democrat at heart is just naturally an amiable fellow. He just loves politics; he just wants to be known as a politician. Now a Republican don’t. He just wants politics to be known as a side line. He is sorter ashamed of it. He wants to work at it, but he wants people to believe he don’t have to.” WA #310, Dec. 2, 1928

“There’s one thing no nation can accuse us of, and that is secret diplomacy. Our foreign dealings are an open book, generally a check book.” WA #45, Oct. 21, 1923

Decades of Infrastructure, Majority Rule, and Expanding Supreme Court

Last week I offered to help President Biden get his “infrastructure” proposal passed. I suggested cutting off the two-thirds that was not really infrastructure. A few readers felt I was too old-fashioned in refusing to include new, modern items.

So, I want your help in deciding what items in the proposal are really infrastructure in the 2020s. Here’s a list. Mark yes or no:  ___Interstate highways and bridges; ___Locks and Dams; ___City water systems (lead pipes); ___Electric Vehicle charging stations; ___Electric Vehicle subsidies; ___Amtrak; ___Sea Ports (upgrade for bigger ships); ___School buildings; ___School teachers; ___Nurses in Nursing Homes; ___Nurses for in-home care; ___Child care; ___Broadband for rural and inner cities; ___Airports; ___Capping old gas wells; ___Carbon sequestration; ___Post Office buildings; ___Insulation for private houses; ___Solar and wind electric generation; ___Tax increases; ___Preferences for Minorities and Women.

(Search for “Fact Sheet: The American Jobs Plan, The White House” for dozens more items.) You may be surprised to know that less than 10% of American infrastructure is Federal. More than half is private; the rest is state/local.

What else belongs in an Infrastructure bill? Would you include: Student loan forgiveness; Car loan forgiveness; Tents for illegal immigrants; Oil pipelines; Border walls; Botox; Toupees and Hair plugs?

Infrastructure has changed in the last 150 years, but not the definition. Consider examples from the late 1800s to now. (Kinda, Will Rogers to Joe Biden): Hitching posts on Main Street to EV Charging stations; Telegraph wires to 5G broadband; Stage coaches to Amtrak; Unpaved roads to driverless vehicles; Kerosene street lights to LEDs;

Can you imagine a hundred years ago the government giving everyone $500 off on a Model T Ford? Or building 5000 filling stations for Standard Oil? Why, that would have made Henry Ford and John D. Rockefeller almost as wealthy as Elon Musk. (See first quote below)

Meanwhile… Politicians on both sides get tripped up by old newspaper quotes and videotapes. Senate Leader Chuck Schumer and President Biden previously defended the rule requiring 60 votes to pass a bill. Now they want to eliminate that rule so a simple majority of 51 is all the Democrats need. Right now, they desperately want to pass a bill to mandate Federal control of all elections, the so-called infrastructure bill, and add two states. If Sen. Schumer had his wish, Democrats could pass a bill with only 45 votes, even if 55 opposed. Of course, he would demand it automatically revert back to the 60-vote rule if the Republicans get control. (see second quote)

President Biden acted last week to solve one of the biggest problems facing the country. No, not Covid. Not a surge of immigrants. The Supreme Court! Yes, after eighty years of the 9-member Court leaning liberal, followed by two years slanting conservative, Democrats want Biden’s support for adding 6 more Justices to make it liberal for the next eighty years. Now, Joe was not in Congress when FDR wanted to pack the Court in the1930s. But when he WAS in Congress, he referred to FDR and vehemently opposed any attempt to add Justices. Biden is shrewd. To appease the far left Democrats he appointed a Commission because he remembers what Will Rogers said about commissions. (third quote)

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“This is a very momentous Congress. They have appropriated more money than any Congress ever did, but I guess that is all right; we are not paying our national debt, anyhow. We just keep adding to it, so it don’t matter how much it is anyway.” June 11, 1933

“Many a public man wishes there was a law to burn old records.” DT #627, July 30, 1928

“Appointing a commission is not any crime. It’s been considered a very fine way of handling anything, but it seems like a presidential commission don’t get nothin’ done.  They don’t really earn the breakfast that they give ’em at the White House the day they appoint ‘em.” Radio, Apr. 30, 1933

Infrastructure, Border, Baseball, and Basketball

During Infrastructure Week, President Biden introduced a 600-Billion-dollar Infrastructure bill. It earned praise from both Democrats and Republicans until someone discovered that $1.7 TRILLION in non-infrastructure spending had been snuck in. It’s hidden under the roads, bridges, airports, and railroads.

If I gave you a list of 25 items in the bill, I bet you could accurately separate the “infrastructure” items from the “non-infrastructure” expenses. Now, those other expenses may be popular and desirable, but they ought to be debated in a separate bill. (See Will’s first quote below)

Last week I hinted that VP Kamala Harris should refuse President Biden’s request to take control of the border calamity. And she did! A reporter asked when she would go visit the border, and she just laughed. (She does that frequently.) That leaves President Biden in a bind. He promised to visit the border but he likely can’t find any prominent Democrats willing to go with him. Everybody in Congress is afraid the President would require them to accept 100,000 new undocumented immigrants into their district or state. Right there, re-election goes out the window.

Five weeks ago, I suggested that students in places like Chicago, where the teachers refuse to teach in the classroom, go to the border and pretend to be illegal immigrants. Well, San Diego students can do it. Teachers who still refuse to teach their own students in-person because of Covid, volunteered to teach immigrant children. Yes, in-person, with no testing for Covid.

Major League Baseball (MLB) announced they are moving the All-Star game out of Atlanta because they don’t like the new election law in Georgia. That law is hotly debated because it was written by Republicans, and Democrats say it is still too restrictive. But the MLB announcement is raising a ruckus across the country. The Milwaukee Brewers said, “We’ll host it.” Then someone pointed out that Wisconsin already has the same photo ID requirements as Georgia. Senator Schumer jumped in, “Let New York host it in Yankee Stadium.” Hold on; NY has fewer days to vote and it’s tougher to get an absentee ballot than in Georgia.

So here’s my suggestion. To stop any further embarrassing revelations about your state’s elections, none of the teams should offer to host it. Let ‘em play the All-Star game in a location where the players and owners prefer to be loved, making millions of dollars, attracting new fans, and there is no question about election rules, racist or otherwise. Yes, the perfect location is Beijing, China.

In the NCAA men’s basketball Final Four semifinals last night, Baylor won the championship of Texas by beating Houston. And Gonzaga won the West Coast division by beating UCLA on a tie-breaking shot you will see replayed hundreds of times. It’s kinda refreshing that tomorrow the two teams that almost everyone agrees are the best in the country will play for the championship.

This is Easter, a day when Christians around the world celebrate the Risen Savior. It was meaningful even with masks or staying in the parking lot. I watched two services on my home computer: one from my Methodist Church in Columbus, and the other from Claremore, Oklahoma, across the road from the Will Rogers Museum.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“Did you see where already there has been over 1,000 Bills introduced in (a special session of Congress). Now it was supposed to just be for Farm Relief, but they got ’em in there for everything from Birth Control to Mass Production…to stop War… to stabilize money…and to make the Star-Spangled Banner the National Anthem.” WA #331, Apr. 29, 1929

“I heard (‘Easter Bonnet’) on the radio. It’s pretty. It’s my favorite tune, with it being Easter.” Radio, Apr. 21, 2935

“I bet any Sunday could be made as popular at church as Easter is if you made ’em fashion shows too… We will do anything, if you just in some way turn it into a show.” DT #2718, Apr. 22, 1935

Something at the border; Biden’s first press conf.; Senate filibustering

At the border with Mexico, we have a situation, emergency, volunteer opportunity, challenge, crisis, catastrophe, or celebration. Take your pick.

Do you know who is in charge of immigration at the border? You probably said President Biden, or the Border Patrol, or ICE, or FEMA or the Texas Rangers. Sorry, none of the above. The ones in charge today are the Mexican cartels. They are collecting millions every day, while we are spending millions every day dealing with the results of an open border policy.

What are the consequences?

For example, are you a widow living alone on a ranch in Texas, New Mexico or Arizona fairly close to the border? You might sleep with a pistol under your pillow. The same President who is opening the border to immigrants without screening is contemplating ways to take away your guns.

No matter which word you “picked” at the top, we have a messy consequence because the gates were opened before we were ready for a surge.

Imagine if the Dallas Cowboys announced they would play a special extra game against the Green Bay Packers and every seat would be free. All food (beer, soda, hotdogs) would also be free. They also announce that the gates will open at 6:00 a.m. but please, please, please don’t come until 9:00 because we won’t have any ushers, concession vendors, or police there until 9:00. Now, in case you’re not a football fan, here’s a hint of what would happen: by 7:00 a.m. 200,000 people from all over the country would already be jammed into an 80,000-seat stadium, and 100,000 outside still fighting to get in. When the national TV broadcast is scheduled to start at noon the screen is blank. The camera operators and no other media folks could get through the mass of people. The only visual evidence we have of this mess is video from the Goodyear blimp, and believe me, it’s not a pretty sight. Those 300,000 did not get what they expected when they left home.

Ok, the Dallas Cowboys would NEVER let this happen. So, why is the U.S. government allowing a similar situation? (see two Will Rogers quotes below)

I heard the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, say that his country has lost one-third of their population through emigration to the U.S. Can you imagine losing a third of the population of your town, county or state? Ok, I know if you could select the ones to get rid of, you’re all for it.

Seriously, suppose Ohio enticed 2.5 million Indiana citizens to move to Ohio. What would be the impact on the 4.3 million remaining in Indiana? One-third fewer workers. A third fewer students in schools and colleges. Fewer teachers… fewer farmers… even fewer politicians. Sure, you like that last one.

President Biden named his Vice President to take control of the border. Now don’t laugh. If she’s smart, Kamala Harris will refuse the offer. If ten million people stream across the border, undocumented, in the next three years, she and Democrats in Congress will be pounded in the 2024 election. She previously compared the Border Patrol to the Klan and objected to stopping illegal entry. If Biden-Harris remain in office until 2028, we’ll have twenty million more who have crossed the border and President Bukele will change the name of his country to Empty Salvador.

President Biden held his first press conference. Did you notice any difference compared to a typical Trump press conference? I kept waiting for the CNN fact-checker to jump in and exclaim, “No, the vast majority trying to cross the border have NOT been sent back. It’s only 13 percent.” When Biden said border crossings were the same as under Trump, no fact-checker yelled, “No, President Trump reduced the number by almost 90 percent, and the monthly totals have more than doubled since President Biden was elected.”

Biden emphasized his opinion that the Senate Filibuster is racist. Interestingly, Democrats adopted the Filibuster, which currently requires 60 votes to pass most bills, during the “Jim Crow” era. As a Senator, Biden praised and used the Filibuster. As a Senator last year, Harris used the Filibuster to block a “police reform” bill introduced by Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina.

Don’t be confused by thinking the only argument is about whether a Senator can hold up a bill by talking for hours or days. The key part of “filibuster,” defined by rules of the Senate, is that it takes three-fifths of the Senators (currently 60 out of 100) to bring the debate to a close. Changing the filibuster means that 51votes (including the VP breaking a 50-50 tie) would pass a bill. President Biden is determined to get a national voting standards bill, a green energy infrastructure bill, a tax increase, and probably others passed in the Senate with 51 votes. Whenever you hear the word “filibuster”, think “60 votes.”

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“The American people are a very generous people and will forgive almost any weakness, with the possible exception of stupidity.” WA #63, Feb. 24, 1924

“Everything seems to have a trend to the liberal nowadays. Congress wanted a short time ago to rewrite the Constitution… A liberal is a man who wants to use his own ideas on things in preference to generations who, he knows, know more than he does.” WA #8, Feb. 4, 1923

(In a filibuster) “Senator (Tom) Heflin of Alabama held up all Senate business yesterday for five hours. That’s a record for narrow views.” DT #174, Feb. 18, 1927

“One of those filibusters held up Boulder Dam for seven years, and when it came to a vote only eleven men were against it.” DT #745, Dec. 16, 1928

Farmers, food, filibusters and a flailing governor

This is National Ag Week. You might not have noticed, but our farmers and ranchers (and almost everyone else in agriculture) have been working steady for the past 51 weeks.

When you sit down for supper, you’ve got hundreds of choices. If you’re like the Colorado Governor and Sen. Cory Booker, D-NJ, you might feast on beans, asparagus and spinach. Most of us, though, prefer steak, ham or a chicken leg to go with our vegetables. And finish it off with cherry pie or chocolate cake. (See Will’s quotes below)

Senators are arguing over the filibuster rules. Democrats say they want to force a Senator to keep talking for hours and days instead of just announcing “filibuster” and sit back down. But really, what they want is to eliminate the rule that requires 60 votes to pass most bills. The Democrats have a slim 51-vote majority, if they can keep Sen. Manchin, D-WV, in line. If they get the filibuster eliminated, they will try to slip a sentence in there to make it revert back to the 60-vote margin rule if Republicans ever get back in control. (two more quotes)

Governor Cuomo in New York keeps piling up accusations from women. I think it’s eight. By the time you read this it might be nine or ten. That’s bad enough.  But complaints by families of 15,000 who died of Covid in nursing homes should not be ignored.

Cuomo bragged and bagged an Emmy while sending hundreds of Covid patients from hospitals into nursing homes, infecting healthy old folks. Kinda reminds us of “Nero fiddled while Rome burned.” But nobody accused Nero of lighting the fire. (last quote)

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“We always have good things to eat at my sister’s in Chelsea (Okla). Beans, kinder soupy navy beans cooked with plenty of real fat meat… then fried ham. Ham gravy is just about the last word in gravy… Beans, cornbread, country ham, and gravy, and then just raw onions.” WA #449, Aug. 2, 1931

“There is not a better day in the world to be spent than with a lot of wise old cowmen around barbecued beef, black coffee and beans.”  DT #2430, May 17, 1934

“The Senate is a body of men… they will talk for two weeks and there is no way stopping them. I suggested a plan one time to shorten the Senate debate.  Every time a Senator tells all he knows, make him sit down. Some of them wouldn’t be able to answer roll call. They are a pretty tough bunch of hyenas, those Senators, but they are likable rascals.” Radio, April 27, 1930

“They filibustered all last night. We pay for wisdom and we get wind.” DT #574, May 29, 1928

“Today they are voting in New York State on whether to keep a Governor two years or four. I think a good, honest Governor should get four years and the others life.” DT #405, Nov. 8, 1927

A year later, Biden building on a Trump foundation

One year ago, March 2020, the coronavirus from Wuhan, China, had exploded around the world (thanks to the Chinese Communist leaders and the W.H.O.) and President Trump shut down most of the country.

You may remember that Trump and his medical advisers were generally optimistic. He even said he hoped we could be back in church for Easter.

Trump, with support from Congress, acted to accelerate development of a vaccine and have millions of doses available by November. Critics made fun of such a ridiculous plan, saying it takes at least 5 years to develop a vaccine. In fact, vaccines were developed, tested, and proved safe by October. By the time he left office, a million doses were being delivered every day.

I mention this as background for President Biden’s short speech on Thursday, because he ignored it. He was empathetic toward families that have suffered (including 530,000 deaths). He promised that if everyone wears masks, gets vaccinated by May 1, and follows CDC guidelines, we might be able to celebrate July 4th with a tiny number of family and friends, outside. Apparently, no one told him that half the country will likely be holding similar gatherings by St. Patrick’s Day.

A Biden quote that I read in a news report caught my eye, “Government can deliver prosperity, security and opportunity for the people in this country.”

Well, government cannot deliver prosperity. Yes, by borrowing $1,900,000,000,000 it can make people believe they are prosperous by sending them a check for $1400. Eighty million people voted for Biden, several because he promised them $2000. Oddly, President Trump made a similar promise. But Speaker Pelosi openly opposed it before the election. After the election, she’s all for it, plus an extra Trillion.

And security? Ask Americans along the Rio Grande if they feel secure. Ask residents and small business owners in Portland, Chicago, Minneapolis and other cities if they feel secure. Ask workers in the oil and gas business if they feel secure. Ask Congress if they feel secure. Oh, wait. Of course, they feel secure; they’re behind a wall protected by thousands of National Guard troops.

Opportunity? Yes, this is the “land of opportunity.” But we also have the “opportunity” to pay off the national debt, which is about $29,000,000,000,000.  That’s around $80,000 for every one of us. (I wonder if those immigrants flocking across our Southern border realize they are co-signing this loan.) Hardly anyone believes he or she will have to repay that debt. We have been told over and over that the 500 richest families can easily cover our debt if we’ll only pass a law to confiscate most of their accumulated wealth, and tax their annual income at around 80 percent.

Can you believe our national debt was only $6 Trillion in 2008? It has accelerated under both Democrat and Republican Presidents regardless of which party controlled Congress. This is a result of a combination of economic emergencies and failure to rein in the routine spending. Even after our tax rates were cut, the taxes collected keep increasing. But spending goes up faster.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“If Socialists worked as much as they talked, they would be the most prosperous style of Government in the World.” Chapter 5 in his book, “There’s Not a Bathing Suit in Russia,” 1927

“The Budget is a mythical beanbag. Congress votes mythical beans into it and then tries to reach in and pull real beans out.” DT #2047, Feb. 24, 1933

Cancelled? Not yet

Columbus: Have you been cancelled?

Perhaps I should change the punctuation on that opening: Columbus, have you been cancelled?

Statues of Christopher Columbus in Columbus, Ohio, have been damaged and removed from prominence and sent to purgatory (storage barn). Will all towns and cities across the country named “Columbus” be forced to change? What about Columbia University, the Columbia River, Columbia Broadcasting System?

Something called “Cancel Culture” has leaped onto the national scene. Maybe “leaped” is the wrong word. It’s more like it dug through the dirt and crawled in through the sewer.

Now, there have been serious, important “cancels” in our past: Slavery, Segregation, Hitler, the USSR. I’m sure you could name others. The Prohibition Amendment (#18) seemed like a good cancellation at the time, but fourteen years later we had to pass the 21st Amendment to cancel the cancellation.

Recent cancellations include Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, and Mr. Potato Head. Others threatened with cancellation include Sir Francis Drake, Girls’ sports, The Eyes of Texas, and the Jeep Cherokee. (Yes, the Chief of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma wants Jeep to drop the name. I suggested he do the opposite; advertise and promote the Cherokee in return for Jeep providing a new one to each elected official.)

Dr. Seuss presents an interesting situation, a “partial cancel.” Somebody intent on digging up dirt, especially on heroes, went back in history to the first Dr. Seuss books and found a few negative images. Before we go any farther, here’s a question: are there any images in any Dr. Seuss book that look realistic, like your pets, or like someone you know? No way.

I think most of us have read, seen and heard words and images that we object to. But if the other 99 percent is not racist or anti-women or full of cuss words, for example, we usually ignore those and enjoy the book, movie, music or conversation.

Personally, I’m not concerned about cancellation because I have no culture.

New York would like to cancel Florida. All the rich New Yorkers are moving to Miami. I heard that the most expensive house ever sold was one in Palm Beach for $110 million. There’s an island called Indian Creek (will that be canceled?) across a bridge from Miami Beach. It is 300 acres with a golf course surrounded by about forty multi-million-dollar estates. Apparently, these wealthy folks do not believe in global warming because the value of beachfront property keeps rising much faster than sea levels. And no fear of a major hurricane either.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“Senator [Tom] Heflin of Alabama held up all Senate business yesterday for five hours. That’s a record for narrow views. Tonight, in his home capital [Montgomery] I am pleading with Alabama to please not exterminate all Catholics, Republicans, Jews, negroes, Jim Reed, Al Smith, Wadsworth, Mellon and Coolidge and the Pope. Of course, my plea will do no good, for Tom knows the intelligence of his constituency better than we do.” DT #174, Feb 18, 1927

“See this morning where the Supreme Court says negroes in Texas have the right to vote at Democratic primaries. Certainly will seem funny to see the negroes and the whites voting the same ticket. First thing you know they will be allowing a white Republican to associate with a white Democrat in the South.” DT #191, March 8, 1927

“[VP candidate Charlie Curtis] is a Kaw Indian and me a Cherokee and I am for him… Come on, Injun! If you are elected let’s run the white people out of this country.” DT #589, June 15, 1928

[Interesting fact: Will Rogers was quarter-blood Cherokee, grew up in Indian Territory and became a world-class trick roper. Will learned to rope, starting about age 4, taught by a former slave, Dan Walker, a ranch hand working for Will’s dad. Yes, a Cherokee got his start toward stardom in a “white” world thanks to a black man.]

Congress, schools, and Saudi oil

Congress passed a bill for $1,900,000,000,000. The Senate will debate it this week. Republicans are complaining about the huge size, almost 2 TRILLION dollars. Their main argument is that a year ago they already passed a bill of similar size, and not all of it has been spent yet.

President Biden defended the total and asked a rhetorical question, “What would you cut?” Before anyone could answer, Speaker Pelosi almost fell out of her chair. She had crammed so much excess baggage onto a Covid relief bill all four tires are flat. “Don’t give them a chance to cut my California bailout!”

If you remember, Republicans suggested a bill of about $600,000,000,000. So, President Biden gave them free rein to point out $1,300,000,000,000 worth of pork to cut. (Fortunately, this is on a computer and not in an old-fashioned newspaper; the poor typesetter would have run out of zeros.)

Doubling the minimum wage to $15.00 is in there, but the Senate intends to cut it out. Since no one employed by Congress makes the minimum wage, it has no effect on them. Unfortunately, families across the country with teenagers will be affected. Instead of getting a “starter job,” at $7.50 an hour they will be at home with nothing to do, or worse, out on the street learning “skills” that may not lead to reputable adult employment. (See the third quote)

You may be wondering, aren’t those teenagers in school? The lucky ones are. But too many kids in grades K-12 live where the leaders are content with closed schools. One option for students in Chicago and other similar cities is to go to Mexico, sneak back across our border, then get arrested and put in the “luxury living quarters” (formerly known as cages). Those youth ARE being taught. In-person. In classrooms. In Spanish.

President Biden plans to punish Saudi Arabia for killing a journalist. Well deserved. However, the plan is to stop selling American military gear to them. That punishes us, not them. Instead, we should refuse to buy any of their oil.

Oh, wait. We reduced our supply from federal lands and from Canada so we can’t get along without their oil. This is why campaigning is so much easier than governing.

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

“Our government is the only people that just loves to spend without being compelled to, at all. But the government is the only people that don’t have to worry where it’s coming from.” Radio, April 21, 1935

“The budget is a mythical beanbag. Congress votes mythical beans into it and then tries to reach in and pull real beans out.” DT #2047, Feb. 23, 1933

“It’s not what you pay a man [or teenager] but what he costs you that counts.” WA #119, March 22, 1925

Washington, Jackson and Dolly Parton

Tomorrow is George Washington’s birthday. February 22 was celebrated as a national holiday for many years. But rather than celebrate him, a lot of ignorant folks these days want to disown the Father of the Country.

Meanwhile in Washington (I don’t think they’ve changed the name yet), Congress and the President are talking about removing the wall. Democrats were elated, “Yes, tear down the wall.” Republicans were cheering, “Yes, remove the damn wall.” This sounds great. Unity!

However, on closer examination we learn the Republicans were referring to the wall around the Capitol, and Democrats want to tear down the wall on the border with Mexico. I guess the difference depends on who they want to protect.

President Biden spoke at a Zoom meeting of the G7. He proudly announced that our theme is no longer “America First.” It’s “America is Back.” The other six nations all cheered wildly. What they thought he said was “America is in the Back.” And whatever economic plans they come up with, we’ll pay for it.

Did you hear about the Dolly Parton statue? The Tennessee Legislature wants to have a statue of her at the Capitol in Nashville. She humbly declined, and I don’t blame her. Her statue needs to be in the U.S. Capitol! You may know that Oklahoma honored “me” with a statue. It’s next to the main entrance to the House. I said at the time, if you insist on giving me a statue, put it next to Congress so I can keep an eye on ‘em. Well, I would love to have Dolly right there beside me. While I’m watching ‘em, she can sing to them as they walk by.

But you may say, Tennessee already has their allotment of two statues. Now I hope “my” Cherokee blood is not making me prejudiced, but I’ve got a great solution: Dolly can replace Andrew Jackson. (see quotes)

Historic quotes by Will Rogers:

          “There wasn’t any Republicans in Washington’s day. No Republicans, no Boll Weevil, no income tax, no cover charge, no disarmament conference, no luncheon clubs, no stop lights, no (radio), no head winds, no ticket speculators, no golf pants… My Lord, living in those days, who wouldn’t be great?” DT #803, Feb. 21, 1929

“Our foreign dealings are an Open Book, generally a Check Book.” WA #45, Nov. 18, 1923

“Well, to tell you the truth, I am not so sweet on old Andy (Jackson). He is the one that run us Cherokees out of Georgia and North Carolina… Old Andy, every time he couldn’t find any one to jump on, would come back and pounce onto us Indians. Course he licked the English down in New Orleans, but he didn’t do it till the war had been over two weeks, so he really just fought them as an encore. Then he would go to Florida and shoot up the Seminoles… Then he would have a row with the Government, and they would take his command and his liquor away from him, and he would come back and sic himself onto us Cherokees again.” WA #267, Feb. 5, 1928

“Spent the day in the mountains with my eastern Cherokee brothers, the ones that old Andrew Jackson wasn’t able to run out of this country.” DT #503, March 7, 1928

Trump acquitted: is the fighting over? Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras

The Impeachment trial in the Senate ended Saturday with acquittal for Donald Trump. (Don’t be surprised if he’s already proud of being the only President to be acquitted TWICE.)

The 7 lawyers presenting the House side fell 10 votes short in the Senate. Everyone agrees, including the 43 Senators who voted against Impeachment, that the attack on our Capitol was deplorable, destructive and deadly. One police officer was apparently killed by rioters, and about a hundred were injured. Even Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who voted against impeachment, blasted Trump for his actions (and inaction) on January 6.

It was interesting that a couple of weeks ago in a precursor vote, 44 Republican Senators supported Trump. So, all that was accomplished since then, with millions of dollars spent by lawyers on both sides, was one Senator out of 100 changed his mind. Maybe the House Democrats consider that a success. After all, in a lot of elections if you can get one percent of the voters to change their mind and support your candidate that’s enough to win. Besides, their real goal is to discourage 74 million Trump supporters from voting in 2022 and 2024.

The Democrats paid millions of dollars to gather thirty minutes of incriminating video from around and inside the Capitol. The videos showed the hateful, disgusting behavior and yelling by the well-organized rioters as Representatives and Senators narrowly escaped. (Trump’s lawyers countered by showing video of the destructive riots last summer in Seattle, Minneapolis and near the White House.)

Does Speaker Pelosi share some blame with Trump? Before Trump finished his speech, rioters had broken through the insufficient barriers, barged past the out-manned police, and into the Capitol. The Democrat lawyers gave proof that the FBI and the Capitol Police Chief knew about the planning for the attack days before Jan. 6. The Chief reports to Speaker Pelosi. Why didn’t she order a few thousand reinforcements, including armed National Guard troops, ahead of Jan. 6? Who would ever imagine that 3-foot high “bike rack” barriers, hastily positioned, would hold back a few hundred organized protesters?

Another fair question: suppose the FBI had informed President Trump. What would have been the reaction if he had ordered 5000 military to surround the Capitol Jan. 6? Would Speaker Pelosi have called them storm-troopers? The Democrats and most of the media would have howled, but not one rioter would have gotten past them.

Abraham Lincoln’s birthday was Feb. 12. He’s been dead since 1865, but I bet he’s embarrassed and disgusted at the fraudulent use of his name for a multi million-dollar project aimed at defeating Republicans in 2020. Honest Abe put Republicans in power in 1860, just six years after the Party was founded. But now we learn the men in charge of the Lincoln Project were crooks. They raised almost a hundred million dollars yet only spent a fraction of it on political ads. Several million wound up in the bank accounts of a few men who organized the group. They were frequent guests on television where they spread lies before the election. For years, one was known as a sexual predator.

President Biden announced that he wants half our schools to be open one day a week by May. That was a surprise to the two-thirds of schools which are already open two to five days a week. But teachers’ unions in Chicago and San Francisco still insist they are more likely to get Covid from students than from grocery shopping or hanging out at Home Depot.

At least the years of hatred toward Trump calmed down a little just in time for a day of Love. Yes, today is Valentine’s Day.

And Mardi Gras is Tuesday. In Louisiana they know how to lighten up. A popular saying in the French Quarter is “Laissez les bons temps rouler,” which means “Let the good times roll.” That might be a good idea for all of us.

Historic quote by Will Rogers:

“You know, there ought to be some kind of a star given to any woman that can live with a comedian.  Now, that little compliment ought to repay for the flowers that I forgot to get today.” Radio, May 11, 1930